The Challenges of Becoming a YouTuber

Have you ever wondered why some people quit their day jobs and become full-time YouTubers? Some individuals might not know it, but you can make money out of publishing videos to the popular online video streaming website.

But before you excitedly create an account to publish your first video, making money as a YouTuber takes more than just uploading one video. You need to dig a little deeper into the concept as this is not a quick cash scheme. It takes dedication and a lot of hard work to have a successful YouTube channel. If done properly, then you might even see yourself with a Diamond Play Button in the future.

Challenges in Maintaining a YouTube Channel

Common thought explains that posting some YouTube videos while attracting viewers can automatically give you revenue from generated ads. It’s simple and effortless, right? It’s because of this myth that everyone equates YouTube to “get rich quick” scheme. The reality of all of it is that you can’t make a healthy income based on ad revenue from YouTube alone, at least not now.

The formula to acquire money from YouTube is not 1 view = $1. If it were, then just about everyone on the planet would quit their day jobs and just start making videos to post to the site. However, getting a decent amount of cash from YouTube takes a lot of hard work, since the average number of views for a user to acquire $1 is about 1,000 views. Therefore, you need an approximate total of 100,000 views just to gain $100.

For every one million views, you’re only going to gain about a couple of thousand dollars from it, and that’s already when you’re creating and publishing YouTube videos for a living.

The 10,000 Views Mark

If it wasn’t difficult enough to gain proper revenue from making and publishing YouTube videos, channels now have to amass a minimum requirement of 10,000 views before ads start showing up on their videos. Without ads, there’s no ad revenue; and if there’s no ad revenue, there’s no generated cash.

YouTube made this rule to help those who are serious enough to maintain their channels as they’ll have priority to reap the rewards and benefits of the YouTube Partner Program. For casual YouTubers that just like to post family videos, they won’t obtain the rewards until they reach that mark, and it might take a long while before that happens.

Acquiring Views and Subscribers

Publishing videos to YouTube is more than just showing your pretty face to the world. Some YouTubers will only accumulate a couple of hundred views per video, and some might even be lucky to get 20 views. If you think that’s tough, then acquiring subscribers is even tougher than trying to gain views.

To increase your channel’s subscriber count, you need to deliver content that would want to make your viewers subscribe to your YouTube channel. Otherwise, they’ll just pass you up as any other random user on the website and move on with their lives.

With all that’s been said and done, making money out of YouTube is tough, but it’s definitely not impossible. Obtain the right level of dedication and perseverance, and you might be sitting alongside PewDiePie and Markiplier soon.

Long trip Travel

Plan for the best travel spot to spend your vacation

If you are a newbie to the world of experience travel holiday, then you will discover how to plan for adventure traveling! It is very important that you recognize the basics of adventure travel prior to you really take part in experience traveling vacation. Because of that experience travel occasionally entails risk taking, you must know with the best ways to plan for experience traveling, for your very own security in addition to the security of others. Words experience means something different to every person, so if you are not genuinely physically inclined or you would not enjoy on your own participating in tasks that demand a lot of physical exertion, you will certainly wish to birth such a truth in mind when you are planning your experience travel holiday.


You will have to decide just how much you intend to really do while you experience travel. For example, do you simply wish to participate in site seeing one area of one nation or do you wish to see several nations in several days? Alternatively, do you intend to just enjoy the society of the places you see or do you desire an adventure travel plan that is jam packed with an array of tasks? Considering just what sort of activities you such as is critical to developing a journey itinerary that will make sure that you enjoy yourself!

Make your journey with lot of fun filling moment

Learn how to fairly search for excellent costs on adventure excursion plans. You must invest a couple of days or weeks looking into various journey scenic tour firms and their drivers. You’ll discover the most effective costs as well as the very best trip operators for you. Keep in mind that rate does not necessarily equate to top quality as well as even if you obtain a discount rate on an experience travel getaway scenic tour does not mean a whole lot if the top quality of the excursion operator misbehaves.

Do not set your mind on an excursion that you recognize you could not possibly afford. Rather, identify your budget plan before hand as well as stick as well it! Besides, you can always plan a more costly experience excursion when you have the funds to do so. Obtain a composed copy of the scenic tour operator’s terms and conditions. As a matter of fact, you could possibly have each company mail you a duplicate of their plan. After getting a duplicate of each business’s policy, assess the policies meticulously.